Wellness & Spa Lake Maggiore

Wellness & Spa Lake Maggiore

Wellness in and around Lake Maggiore, the chioce is enless…

Thermal baths and mineral water springs have always been a feature of the Lake Maggiore area.

The thermal baths of Premia in the Antigorio Valley offer efficient modern facilities that can cater to least 150 people a day: hydromassage beds, water passage therapy, a Jacuzzi, a water gym pool   and one for swimming are coupled with a wellness area that carries out a comprehensive list of massages and beauty treatments.

The Bognanco thermal baths, in the Bognanco Valley, have a range of facilities, including a Spa, healing and beauty massages, whirlpool tubs, physiotherapy treatments and saunas.

Just over the boarder in Swtss Canton Ticino are the Spa at Locarno

So… Lake Maggiore can give you the delights of beauty and nature, but hours of healthful relaxation as well.

To arrange your Spa break on Lake Maggiore, contact us at info@lakemaggiore.eu or call +39 0323 922917



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