Water sports Lake Maggiore

Water sports Lake Maggiore

Water sports on Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is the ideal place for lovers of all water sports: the lake offers an exceptionally wide range. From wild water rafting to sailing, onto wind surfing and kite surfing, not forgetting canoeing and, of course, swimming (there are many impressive crossings, even during winter). You are spoilt for the choice of sport. There are various areas equipped to host water sports: apart from the boat clubs present in the territory (Intra, Pallanza, Omegna, Pettenasco) there is also the Regatta Club founded in 1885 in Belgirate. In addition there are several areas equipped to practise wind based water sports where you can hire various types of equipment: during the summer windsurfing and catamarans, for example, become protagonists of the Cannobio Lido, in upper lake Maggiore. But it doesn’t end here: great importance, in the last few years, has been given to the activities connected to the torrents; canoeing and kayaking are becoming real protagonists in the narrow valleys of the zones that open up towards the lake. Last but not least we must remember that the lake isn’t just a surface. Thanks to the many sub-diving clubs present on the lake, you can explore submerged worlds, descending, for experts, up to 300 metres.

watersports include: Wake board, Fly board and Surf

Services for the Lake Maggiore area, for individuals and small groups and company incentives and team building.
Tour operator offers you the opportunity to live and discover the Lake Maggiore area through activities, trips and excursions you can see below. You can ask us by sending an email or calling us by phone.
And… book your hotel with them, and you’ll have special prices if you reserve one or more activities!

Some of services:
– Day and Night Cruise, public or private service, private guide refined lunches/dinners on request
– Cruise, walking tour and tasty experience in the most wonderful and picturesque villages
– Food and wine tours
– Shopping tour, Luxury Yacht, Sailing experience

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