Tones on the Stones

Tones on the Stones

Tones on the Stones

Spectacular settings, exclusive productions and international artists – these are the ingredients that make Tones on the Stones an unparalleled experience, something quite new in world arts performance.

The aim, and the challenge, of Tones on the Stones is to highlight the aesthetic as well as the historical value of the stone quarries of the Verbano Cusio Ossola Province, by giving spectators a strikingly new viewpoint and enabling them to appreciate the rugged angularity of these places through new eyes.

The dramatic setting provided by the carved-out mountainside gives breathtaking impact to the performances, transforming the quarry into a uniquely imposing stage. Quarries are often viewed in a controversial light, the object of debate between different interpretations of the environment.

Used as artistically-lit stage sets for Tones on the Stones they are given new life, in an innovative reinterpretation of these impressive and fascinating places. Normally the scene of the hard labour of cutting stone, they are transformed into “theatres of stone” by skill, passion and the commitment of the companies that own them.

This gives Tones on the Stones its unique impact.

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