Royal wedding Lake Maggiore

Royal wedding Lake Maggiore

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Two ceremonies – the first,  a civil ceremony, which took place a week ago in Monte Carlo and the second, religious ceremony, which took place last Saturday, on Lake Maggiore. A whole week of celebrations for the “Royals” – even if not in fact – the international jet set: Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo.

Young, beautiful, elegant. Especially elegant, on this occasion, in which they could give vent to their style. The bride was not long miss anything: from pink Valentino signed the first round to the immaculate white in pure Armani style for the definite “YES”. After the wedding ceremony all guests where cruised on the lake on board the MN Piemonte to Angera, an evening reception took place at the Borromeo family castle the “Rocca di Angera”.

But there are only them on the red carpet of the two ceremonies (and of the party before and after that punctuated the dead time, so to speak) also relatives, friends, guests as models paraded on the catwalk. All the outfits for special occasions.

Pop stars and actresses, but also sisters (him) in Zara and sister-in law (Charlene) that stand out for their suspicious and mysterious absence.

Lake Maggiore destination of international jet set: the first arrivals are already provided for a religious marriage between Pierre Casiraghi, 27, the third son of Caroline of Monaco and the late Stefano and Beatrice Borromeo, 29, last born of Charles and Ferdinand Paola Marzotto. Saturday’s ceremony look place on the Isolino of San Giovanni, in front of Pallanza. In the morning, at 12.

From the hotels on Verbano aka Lake Maggiore are not leaked anything, except that reservations for the wedding day and the next we are. A little ‘everywhere: from grand hotel Majestic in Pallanza, which for the short distance from Isolino was chosen by the guests – and rumors speak of those of higher lineage – in Villa Aminta in Stresa. The wedding of the year also staying at the Regina Palace and the Des Iles Borromees, on the lakeside of Stresa, which for the wedding of her older sisters Beatrice and the baptism of Leo, the eldest son of Lavinia and John Elkann, were chosen many guests. Top secret guest list, including crowned heads relatives of the Grimaldi.

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