Paragliding Lake Maggiore

Paragliding Lake Maggiore

Paragliding Lake Maggiore

Enjoy a flight under a two-man paragliding in complete safety!

A professional instructor shows you the ropes and accompanies you on the flight. Natural flight with only the sound of air rushing by gives a real sensation of freedom.

This simple, fun, and ecological form of flight lets you glide through the skies in defiance of gravity to realise a dream as old as man himself.

Paragliding is a wonderful sport that allows you to take off from a top fly with a special sailing, and then glide gently. In the area of ​​Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Lake Mergozzo and Ossola Valley there are several schools that allow you to get closer to this wonderful practice, learn from professional instructors, discover all the secrets and then take off and fly from unique sites. These are the schools, even for a first flight (tandem flight with an instructor), of the area.

The most beautiful flying sites in the area.

The Mottarone, thanks to its strategic geographical location, nestled as it is between the great lakes of the north west (Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta) and the majestic alpine mountains (Monte Rosa), offers a scenic flight of rare beauty. The south-west of the main take-off, and the morphology of the mountain, recommend to program the take-off from the afternoon until sunset. It is precisely when the sun sets to the west and the thermal currents gradually lose force that flying from this site gives its best, allowing the pilot to climb above the summit and enjoy a landscape unlike any other. There is also a take-off, facing east, a step away from the arrival station of the cable car Stresa-Mottarone, ideal for a nice morning scenic flight over the Gulf Borromeo.

Even the Alpe Quaggione, thanks to its enviable geographical position, allows you to fly in a truly enchanted landscape: Lake Orta in front of and behind the mountain range that rises up to the Monte Rosa massif! The south-east of the airfield and morphology of the mountain recommend to program the take-off from the morning until the early hours of the afternoon, for a flight from the characteristics typically foothills.

The “Decollino” is the name that is given to the jargon located off the Alpe Pala, above Miazzina. The geographical position of the take-off allows clear views across Lake Maggiore from a very privileged perspective. The south-east of the airfield and morphology of the mountain recommend to program the take-off from the afternoon until sunset and flying, as well as by the fantastic panoramic point of view, has characteristics typical foothills that will be appreciated by riders of all experience.

Another place loved by those flying is the Vigezzo Valley: thanks to the exposure west-east of the valley, the presence of ample opportunity for flight and landing, the major share of the take-off and landing, the availability of the cable car to the ski lift, the site flight Vigezzo representsan  excellence for our district of flight, recognized in Italy and not only as one of the best gyms for free flying in Paragliding and Hang Gliding. From the point of view of the landscape of technology, we are faced with a flight typically Alpine with thermal activity generous throughout the year.

Other take-off is particularly appreciated Lusentino, near Domodossola. It allows a flight to everyone, with take-off and landing easily reached by car very easy. It is possible to fly all year round, except in the presence of much snow, but during the hot season should be payied close attention to the valley wind, which blows from the south to the north and that generally makes it impossible from late morning the flight safely.

We can arrange your Paragliding over Lake Maggiore experience, leaving from Arona, Stresa, Baveno, Pallanza and Verbania and many other towns around the lake.

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