Locations and events at EXPO 2015

Locations and events at EXPO 2015

Locations and events at EXPO 2015

The choice of events held in the 2015 Expo, is wide and differentiated. There will be plays, concerts, official ceremonies, conferences and debates, tasting and art installations.  These are only a few of the possibilities that will be presented to visitors of the Universal Exposition in Milan.
For this reason the project of the exposition site has three different spaces each completely dedicated to the events: the Expo Centre, the Lake Arena and the Open Air Theatre. There will also be a whole range of performances and shows from the 7pm at Expo by night.
The Universal  Exposition 2015, that will take place in Milan between the 1st May and the 31st October 2015 will be a great exhibition full of different events. There are three areas dedicated to hosting these events inside the exposition site: the Open Air Theatre, the Lake Arena (or Water Square) and the Expo Centre.

Open Air Theatre

In the south end of the Cardo, which is the road perpendicular to the Decumanus that will host the Italia Pavilion, there is the Open Air Theatre that, as the name suggests, will be dedicated to various open air events. The theatre will contain about 11.000 people seated on the lawn and on the terraces.

Lake Arena

The Lake Arena, situated on the far north of the Cardo, is the largest of the open air spaces dedicated to visitors. It is built around an artificial lake and it is structured exactly like an arena. It has 3.000 seats but will contain up to 20.000 people for great events such as concerts, and performances.

Expo Centre

The Expo Centre will be situated on the far west side of the Decumanus, which is the main road that horizontally crosses the whole exposition site and is one and a half kilometres long. It will consist of a polyfunctional centre divided into three different blocks with a capacity of 1.500 seats.

Expo by night

Entertainment will also be insured during the evenings thanks to the many events forseen in Expo by night which will offer visitors the possibility to get to know different cultures also through tasting typical dishes from all over the world.

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Locations and events at EXPO 2015 Lake Maggiore

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