ITALIAN WEDDING AWARDS 2019 The winner is Federica Zambonini – Verbano Events

ITALIAN WEDDING AWARDS 2019 The winner is Federica Zambonini – Verbano Events

ITALIAN WEDDING AWARDS 2019 wins for Piemonte Federica Zambonini, owner of Verbano Events in the Destination Wedding Planner category.

Also this year, the Italian excellences of the Weddings sector competed for the awards of the Italian Wedding Awards granted to the best professionals.

The award ceremony took place on Thursday, November 14th, in front of a large audience of specialists and exceptional guests, in the magnificent Villa Frua in Stresa on Lake Maggiore.

Elisa Ferrari as hostess and partner of the event has prepared a very special welcome for all guests making them feel at home but surrounded by a truly magical atmosphere.

The couples who chose Federica and her Verbano Events for as theri Wedding Planner over the past 3 years and who left a positive review on the contest site, and where a deciding factor for the in awarding the prize.

Federica achieved 728 votes and 83 reviews.

The complete list of winners of all the categories in the competition, also in other regions, will soon be published on the IWACONTEST organization channels.

Thanks to the awarding of the prize as a destination wedding planner to Verbano Events, has the opportunity to make Piedmont and its wonders even more known by attracting new couples to choose these areas as the setting for their dream wedding day.

This award is now a landmark in the industry and a hallmark for future couples looking for highy referenced suppliers for their big day.

This award, a privilege reserved only for the best suppliers in the sector, is assigned based exclusively on positive reviews and the votes of couples, the only ones who can express a real and sincere opinion.

Italian Wedding Awards is not a prize like any other, it is the recognition of the work and dedication of professionals who provide a service to couples on an occasion where there is no second chance to make sure that everything is perfect.

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