Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso Events

Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso Events

Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso

Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso: Clinging to a rock face directly overhanging the lake, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is certainly one of the most charming sights of Lago Maggiore.

Tradition holds that the Hermitage was founded by Alberto Besozzi, a wealthy local merchant who, having survived a storm while crossing the lake, decided to go into retreat on this part of the lake side, and conduct the life of heremit.

Here the Blessed Alberto ordered the construction of a chapel dedicated to Saint Catherine of Egypt and which is now visible in the lower part of the church. To be highlighted an important event: five enormous dancing boulders crashed down onto the church but came to a halt in the vault of a chapel without causing any serious damage.

They would appear to have given the name to the Hermitage.

How to reach the Hermitage on Lake Maggiore

The Hermitage can be reached from the square above, from where, having parked in one of the numerous parking spaces, visitors can descend the panoramic, 268-step staircase; or, if they have arrived by boat, they climb approximately 80 steps up from the lake. Visitors can also reach the Hermitage easily by taking the elevator, the entrance to which is near the car park.

Holy Mass: every Sunday at 16.30 at Santa Caterina del Sasso

The Sacristy is also available to groups of pilgrims who request Holy Mass services at other times. The Sacristy provides pilgrims with everything required in order to celebrate a Holy Mass: chalices, ciboria, hosts, vestments, etc. If there is a large number of priests, each priest is requested to bring his own alb. The Sacristy does not usually make any charge, but groups are free to make a collection during the Holy Mass or to leave a donation.

Events and cruises to  Santa Cterina del Sasso hermitage

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Departing from in Baveno, Stresa, Pallanza and Arona and around Lake Maggiore

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Structure of the Santa Caterina hermitage

Clinging to a rocky ridge on Lake Maggiore, the Santa Caterina hermitage directly overlooks the lake. It can only be reached on foot, by descending a steep flight of steps from the above built-up area, or from the lake. A lift dug out from the rock was inaugurated in 2010 to facilitate access from the car park above.

The true monastic complex dates back to the 1300’s, although its more recent paintings are from the 1800’s. The hermitage has three buildings: the convent to the south, the little convent and the church. A proud bell tower from the 14th century is to the left of the church, leaning out over the lake.

Touring the Santa Caterina hermitage

Admission is free, both for pilgrims and tourists. The hermitage has a rich calendar of liturgical celebrations and events throughout the entire year. The concerts have become very popular at the end of July and connected with Stresa musical weeks J.S. Bach’s Cello Suites.

If you would like to visit the Santa Caterina hermitage and also discover the other beauties in the area call us at + 39 0323 922 917 or emial us at info@lakemaggiore.eu

Tourist packages & hospitality

There are many restaurants and hotels located near the Hermitage, with useful information for booking rooms.

We can help you to arrange your event at Santa Caterina del Sasso, organizing a variety of cultural events.

Varese Province is around the hermitage and from here thee is the charming lake route from the port of Laveno Mombello to the jetty of Santa Caterina del Sasso.

In addition to this, with a view to sustainable tourism and to what is known as “soft mobility”, the boat trip is scheduled to run in connection with Ferrovie Nord Milano trains, creating a perfectly “green”, environmentally friendly and zero impact tourist service, making the journey certainly safer and more relaxing, eliminating car parking problems.

This has all been put together in a tourist package, which also includes the cable-car ascent from Laveno Mombello to Monte Sasso del Ferro (Poggio S. Elsa), a visit to the MIDC (Museo Internazionale del Design Ceramico) in the hamlet Cerro, and, of course, the trip to the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro. In short, a train/boat/cable car combination granting full immersion in an atmosphere of other times, as happened in the Belle Époque.

An ideal stop before when visiting Lake Maggiore

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Events at Santa Caterina del Sasso hermitage call us at +39 0323 922 917 or emial us at info@lakemaggiore.eu

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