Cakes and biscuits on Lake Maggiore

Cakes and biscuits on Lake Maggiore


Cakes and biscuits on Lake Maggiore

This large area, which brings together the different environments of lake, hill and mountain, offers an equally diversified range of local speciality cakes and biscuits. Visitors will be tempted to try these traditional delights, on mouth-watering display in the dozens of old-established bakeries and pastry-shops of the region.

In the Ossola, Val Vigezzo in particular, look into one of the local bakeries selling Crescenzin, a round rye loaf stuffed with walnuts, figs and raisins.

Travelling towards the lake area, stop in Mergozzo for a taste of its delicious sweet Fugascine, in Stresa to buy some Margheritine, biscuits originally made in honour of Queen Margherita of Savoy, and in Intra for a box of Intresine, made with butter and topped with almonds and hazelnuts.

In Novara and its neighbouring hills, don’t miss a taste of San Gaudenzio’s bread and the traditional Novara biscuits, made with flour, sugar and fresh eggs.  And Varese will tempt you with Varese Cake, a light sponge “log” made with maize flour.

Fugascina of Mergozzo

Also called St Elizabeth’s Cake, the Fugascina of Mergozzo is a sophisticated cake originally made for the traditional festival of St Elizabeth’s day, held every year in Mergozzo on 4th July.  The recipe calls for flour, sugar, marsala, eggs, lemon and yeast, which are blended, rolled out, and cut into squares as soon as the cake is taken out of the oven.

A delicacy which you can buy in the Vecchio Fornaio Pasticcere cake-shop in Mergozzo , we suggest these cakes for event gifts.

Margheritine of Stresa

Pride of place among the delicacies of the Borromean Gulf goes to the Margheritine of Stresa, the classic biscuits created in 1857 by a local baker on the occasion of a visit by Princess Margherita of Savoy. The daisy-shaped biscuits (“Margherita” means “daisy” in Italian) are made with butter, and have a light lemon flavour which makes them an excellent accompaniment to tea.

Margheritine of Stresa are readily available in cake-shops along the Borromean Gulf.

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