Baveno Pink Granite Lake Maggiore

Baveno Pink Granite Lake Maggiore

Baveno Pink Granite Lake Maggiore

Baveno Pink Granite Lake Maggiore, visit the quarries and view the pink granite, guided visit of Baveno and tours on Lake Maggiore

The small town of Baveno is famous for its fine pink granite, which has been used for numerous buildings throughout the world. Some of these are the Arch of Peace and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, the columns of L’Opéra in Paris, the Karlskirche (Church of St Charles) in Vienna, the monument to Christopher Columbus in New York, and the Royal Palace of Bangkok. A monument on the lakefront to the “picasass”, the local stonemasons, pays tribute to the workers whose skill has made Baveno famous all over the world.

The granite which abounds on the eastern side of the Mottarone mountain above the town was extensively used as early as the 16th century, especially in Lombard architecture. Over the centuries the valuable rock was also exported abroad, at first by exploiting the many waterways accessible from the area.

Between Baveno and Feriolo there is a series of quarries, giving a characteristic appearance to the local environment. An interesting fact is that in addition to the precious pink granite, these quarries contain around 60 different mineral species, some of which Baveno has named, for example Bavenite, Bazzite and Flourite.

Team building Baveno Lake Maggiore

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Team building Baveno: treasure hunt on Lake Maggiore.

Baveno is the most elegant of the towns surrounding Lake Maggiore. The beautifully lanscaped gardens on the lake banks, together with the wonderful villas and great hotels, characterise its richness. Baveno is world-renowned and rather popular tourist destination. This town enjoys a unique panoramic location and is situated opposite the Borromean Islands, yet another must-see unforgettable destination. The treasure hunt gives participants the opportunity to visit this beautiful area in a unique way, discovering beautiful landmarks while deciphering riddles and enjoying stories. All necessary supplies as well as motorboats will be made available to every group. At the end of the game, the teams will be brought together for a lovely lunch on one of the islands, while celebrating the winners.


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