Adventure Park Lake Maggiore

Adventure Park Lake Maggiore

Adventure Park Lake Maggiore

Who does not know the tale of Robin Hood in the woods?

Who has not dreamed of floating in the air hanging from a vine like Tarzan in the jungle?

Finally, those who have never touched the cinema attending daring enterprises in the forest of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones?

The Adventure Park is a kind of fun that is not passively endured by user but rather lived physically. This implies that over a physical engagement a dose of concentration and coordination considerable. All this and lived in the fresh air or a fun healthy, consuming calories and eliminating the toxins that accumulate in the city and work. Even the little ones have their own dedicated space.

The activity includes safety equipment, briefing simulation games aircraft, ground surveillance. Recommended clothing and footwear. materials certified to CE standards. Internship opportunities for businesses, including educational seminars, organization of conferences and meetings, and any hotel accommodation with swimming pool, tennis, golf and other activities on Lake Maggiore.

While a challenge course is sometimes a challenging outdoor personal development and team-building activity, an Adventure Park on Lake Maggiore, offers different tree top courses

“Recreational-oriented” Adventure Parks / Ropes Courses are usually designed for a larger volume of visitors. They do not follow a specific educational concept, but see the individual, physical and mental challenge as a predominantly recreational activity. Neither climbing techniques nor special/specific physical fitness experience are necessary. Typical slogans are: Have Fun, Test your Courage, Overcome your Own Fears, Be Outside, Be in the Nature, Do some Physical Activities, etc.

In an Adventure Park overlooking Lake Maggiore, the visitors independently run a variety of trails of increasing difficulty levels. Each trail consists of several poles or trees that are connected by different acrobatic elements or zip-lines. For the safety of the visitors, a belay system is required for the high elements/trails.

Groups and individuals involved, before you start a course, a lesson in safety, in various languages​​, where they are taught the rudiments for the all. Particularattention is paid to ‘mandatory safety standards. Each game is simulated in a designated area where there are the typical paths. Here the instructor teacheshow to attach a carabiner to how to deal safely and without any obstacle. The park is made for fun then there is nothing impossible to deal with buteverything is designed in the ability of the average person and good health.With the calm due to any of us can finish a route. Instructors remember that all platforms are equipped with escape from where you can leave the paths where they deem it necessary.

The first adventure park in the Verbano Cusio Ossola area is located in Baveno, against the wonderful setting  of the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore.

The park provides unforgettable moments of fun, games and sport, where nature is the main protagonist. The Lago Maggiore Adventure Park offers a choice of activities including highly entertaining and exciting suspended trails (tibetan bridges, tyrolean cable slides, ladders, and hanging walkways) that you can enjoy in complete confidence thanks to the latest and most advanced safety equipment.

There is also an artificial rock climbing wall, a four-station acrojump and a fantastic cyclocross circuit where you can use your own bike or hire one if needed.

For othrer team building activities n Lake Maggiore we can provide offers as we are Team Building Experts

Each team competes with another in each of the activities proposed, and according to the results achieved in each discipline, the team gains points which will decide the winners.

The day’s activities consist of the following:

  • aerial walkway
  • climbing
  • acrojump
  • mountain bike relay
  • Centipede
  • tug-of-war
  • 5 a side football
  • volleyball on grass
  • sack races
  • swimming pool with slides

The programme can always be tailored to suit your company’s requirements.

We are a fully insured & professional Team Building company on Lake Maggiore. We can organize adventure team building among competingteams thus building the harmony between colleagues is essential to achieveimportant goals. For companies who wish to stay near the Lake Hotel accommodation is available on Lake Maggiore.

To arrange a day at the adventure park call us at +39 0323 922 927 or email



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