Villa Muggia Stresa

Villa Muggia Stresa

Villa Muggia Stresa

Villa Siemens – Muggia can be reached along the tree-lined Dante avenue. It was built in the second half of the nineteenth century by the Isler family, in the place where there was already a eighteenth-century building, probably a modest farmhouse.

Towards the end of the last century, the German businessman George Von Siemens, the owner of the famous industry of electrical components took over from the original owners and deteined possession until 1930. The Siemens, nature lovers, gave birth, among the ancient trees, to extended bushes and clumps of flowers. In 1930, the house was purchased by the Muggia family, industrials from Milan.

After the death of the last owners, the house received a new guest, Mr. Ugo Toso. For the industrial man from Turin, the house in Stresa represented the ideal “break”, the cozy nest to escape the city, even if for a few moments.

The splendor of the interior spaces and the magnificence of the park that surrounds them are of an incomparable beauty. From the imposing entrance gate up to the majestic woods behind the house triumphs a luxuriant vegetation, where the seasons give the house a face always different: in the spring you can admire the colorful blooms along the arbour, small paths, groves, hedges and flaming tones along the fountain.

When autumn comes, the maples of Japan ignite the wood. From the fountain, formed of four tanks arranged in terraces, in summer the water comes out strongly, painting bright rainbows.

In winter time, the same jet of water freezes, forming interesting and sparkling sculptures. The last owners of the house, Mr. and Mrs. Tardito and Toso, in a few years managed to decorate the home with competence and with that taste for the “beautiful” that demonstrates a love for the traditions and the works of human genius. For this reason, Villa Siemens – Muggia has come down to us preserving the original look set by the Siemens family.

The owners have decided to turn the second house in Stresa into location for exclusive events, sharing the same splendor and creating memorable moments.

If you want to book the Villa for your special event, party or gala dinner give us a call at +39 0323 922 917

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