Sailing regattas on Lake Maggiore

Sailing regattas on Lake Maggiore

 Sailing & Regattas sailing is a real “laboratory” in which you can reproduce very effectively the same trends and issues that arise daily in the corporate world.The sailboat is an excellent tool to improve mutual knowledge in a field outside of work and fits in a particular way is to just set up both groups in groups in which you want to reduce the psychological distance between people.This innovative socio-educational activity is suitable to raise awareness on issues related to the roles, work in and the Leadership Team.Working on more boats and then with the highest number of Team, the activity becomes valuable tool to train the coordination and cooperation of the various groups.The Team Building Activities in sailboat become so fundamental to all those companies who wish to learn how to transform a simple workgroup in a high performance team, motivated and driven to achieve the objectives:
Create a spirit of team
Knowing the potential of its employees, colleagues, customers
To better manage the different styles of behavior
Identify the elements of success of the teams winning
Develop a strong sense of belonging and aggregation

Racing Sailing: Race to grow

Races lasting one or two days during which contestants will compete in paths between the buoys in the Lake.

Each output enable participants to sail safely guided and assisted by qualified instructors & Skippers


The organization may provide for a day of training both in the classroom and in the water which will be tested during the various techniques of Race or Match Race.

Followed crew training with role assignment and exercise of the maneuvers essential to the conduct of the vessel. Participants will compete in a fleet race starting time, crossroads, turn buoys, technical maneuvers and arrival. The tests and the competition will be conducted in the lower lake.

The crew is formed by a qualified skipper and team members.


Theoretical and practical seminar lasting one or two days during which they will be exposed and tested navigation techniques.

The seminar includes the testing, verification and discussion of the content broadcast during the theoretical phase through what we consider Tool as an elective to learn the training topics chosen: the sailboat.

Each output guided and assisted by instructors who will teach participants to experience major maneuvers in complete safety for the government and conduct of the sailboat.


Managers and entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to xperience both school life and Navigation

The course includes a day or two days of training on a sailboat during which the planned content will be tested in the course of navigation and through classroom discussion and verification experience.

For the activity, we leave from: Stresa, Baveno, Pallanza, Laveno, Ghiffa, Belgirate, Arona and Verbania


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