Sacro Monte Calvario Domodossola

Sacro Monte Calvario Domodossola

A trip through the gardens, the buildings and the history of the places where Blessed Antonio Rosmini spent his life.

Art, faith, history and nature find their meeting point on the Sacred Mount Calvary, a Special Nature Reserveanda World Heritage Site.

The hill overlooking Domodossola was once a fortified bastion built against the invasions coming from the north. Today it is the home of the religious order founded by the priest and philosopher Antonio Rosmini, a placeimbued with spirituality and rich in historical vestiges from which to enjoy a special view on the small capital of the Ossola Valley.

Your trip will start near the International Station of Domodossola, where you will be welcomed by our experienced nature guide.
While climbing along the Way of the Cross, walking through the historical votive chapels, you come to the Holy Mount. From its manicured gardens, opened for the occasion, you can see the remains of the ancient castle walls and enjoy a unique panorama.

Once back down to Domodossola, you will be guests of the renowned chef William Vicini at the restaurant La Meridiana.

After lunch, it’s timefora guided walkto discover the treasuresof the Village of Culture in Domodossola. Through its alleys paved with cobble stones, which merge into squares and courty ardssurroundedby elegantpalaces, you can discover the hidden vestiges of a remarkable past, rich inculture, traditions and history.
At the end of a wonderful day, the Village of Culture is the ideal place for a pleasant moment devoted to relaxation and shopping.

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