Neoclassical Villa Caccia

Neoclassical Villa Caccia

Neoclassical Villa Caccia

Outside, a neoclassical villa, refined and elegant, dynamic and engaging in an exhibition, which tells the rural life, the ancient crafts and the wine business.

The Ethnographic Museum of Lower Valsesia, in Romagnano Sesia, housed inside the monumental Villa Caccia, designed in the nineteenth century by the architect Alessandro Antonelli.

The exhibition is engaging and articulate. You walk between reconstructions of environments typical of a farmhouse and discover all stages of wine production and the ancient viticultural land by visiting the winery. Continuing along the route, you can observe accurate reconstructions of workshops, fitted with equipment typical of traditional jobs are not lacking then the cobbler’s shop, the tools of the knife and the mattress, the tools of the cooper, the laundress and the saddler . Not to be missed, the hydraulic machine of firefighters, dating back to 1842 and still working.

A separate room is dedicated to vintage toys, while visiting the tavern you can enjoy the festive atmosphere and friendly atmosphere that is breathed in the post-war period in this type of rooms.

Perched on the hill Monte Cucco, dominates the entrance of the Sesia Valley, allowing the view to the north of the massif of Monte Rosa and south an overview of the hills and the plains of Novara.

Starting from the bond to recover a previous Capucccini convent, the monumental neoclassical building was built between the years 1842 and 1848, designed by Alessandro Antonelli, as summer residence for the Counts Caccia of Romentino.

The Antonelli building, putting in a new cultural dimension, has combined the traditional setting of the Palladian villa with the real constructin needs of the time.

The white brightness of the building stands out among the vegetation of trees in the park, said “Botanical Garden Regional interest“, making it a landmark of the landscape.

In addition to the restoration of the east wing which houses the museum, relevant is the recovery of the elegant architecture of the greenhouse, now used as a venue for conferences, exhibitions and cultural events.

Open from April to October.

Romagnano Sesia is close to the wine producing company, where we can arrange wine tasting and show cooking events.

This Villa can be hired for private events, Romagnano Sesia is not far from Arona on Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta

Neoclassical Villa Caccia

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