Indian Wedding Lake Maggiore

Indian Wedding Lake Maggiore

Indian Wedding Lake Maggiore

From planning multiple Indian wedding events to taking care of your budget and guests, we know you have a lot on your hands! Our Wedding Planniners gives you all the tips and resources you need to bring your dream Indian wedding to reality on Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta

Indian wedding ceremony on Lake Maggiore & Lake Orta

The Sikh Anand Karaj (Ceremony of Bliss) is conducted in the Gurdwara (Sikh temple). The Baraat arrives at the Gurdwara with the groom traditionally on horseback along with a young boy. The close family and friends from the bride and groom’s side meet to perform the Ardaas (Sikh Prayer). This is followed by the Milni.

Planning a Punjabi Sangeet before your wedding? No Sangeet is complete without the singing of traditional Punjabi songs!

Planning a Gujarati wedding? This article will explain all of the events involved in a Gujarati wedding celebration. There are many pre-wedding events that include both festive dancing and religious prayers. During the wedding ceremony, there are many rituals and customs that are incorporated that set these weddings apart from other Hindu weddings.


Idian Wedding Lake Maggiore

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