Gaelic games Team building lake Maggiore

Gaelic games Team building lake Maggiore

Caelic games Team building lake Maggiore

Experience Gaelic Games offers a tailor-made cultural experience designed to … Alternatively, along with learning Gaelic Games skills, your teambuilding.on Lake Maggiore.

Lake Maggiore Events offer a unique, Gaelic games based sessions for corporate clients looking for an experience that bit different to your average teambuilding on Lake maggiore.

Experience Gaelic Games’ services are designed to suit the client brief. It tailors each session to suit individual requirements and group dynamics in Stresa, Baveno on Lake Maggiore. Usually tis activity takes part above Stresa in the area of Alpino or at the Beach Club in Baveno..

So, if you want a session of sport for your clients, Experience Gaelic Games’ expert coaches will teach them all the drills and skills of Gaelic Football and Hurling, then let them play mini-games. Participants will learn to hold and swing a hurl and will be able to score points in no time. If on the other hand, you want to dance, this company can organise a fun, all-involving Ceilí Irish dance, where everyone joins in and where they can bang a tune on an Irish bodhrán drum along the way. Plus it can combine all the above and do a fun “Gaelic Olympics” with team building and challenges at the heart of the session.

Team building activities have become a vital part of any successful corporate meeting over the past number of years. Working together across a range of activites including; archery, gaelic games, tag rugby and celtic challenge, your team will have a unique opportunity to bond and improve communications.

Olympic Team building on Lake Maggiore is a popular activity.

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