Castle of Vogogna

Castle of Vogogna

Castle of Vogogna near Lake Maggiore

An unforgettable wedding in the beautiful setting of the mountains of Val d’ Ossola in one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy , bordering the National Park of Val Grande, the largest wilderness area of Italy.

The civil ceremony will be celebrated in the fourteenth century Visconti castle of Vogogna that overlooks the old village , or in the Praetorian Palace.

Reception wedding in Castle , with a panoramic view over the village of Vogogna, not far from Lake Maggiore.

Wedding in a Castle of Vogogna near Lake Maggiore a true princess wedding!

The Visconti Castle of Vogogna

The Visconti Castle of Vogogna stands on a hill from which dominates the village below is a clear desire defensive moves his patron , Giovanni Maria Visconti , eager to make a stronghold for the whole valley , and in particular for the country of Vogogna , which in 1328 became the capital of Lower Ossola . The oldest part is made ​​up of the square tower , the only part not affected by the restoration of 1990 , and the portion of the boundary wall closest to the mountain .

The history of the Castle of Vogogna

In 1348 Giovanni Visconti did enlarge the existing fortification by building new buildings near existing ones : they were well matched architectural elements sometimes quite different from the point of view of style . Direct consequence of this was also the irregular plant that still distinguishes the complex , also accentuated by the peculiarities of the ground. In the same period the expansion of the walls ( to include the entire village for defensive purposes ) and the building , at the foot of the stairway leading to the castle , the Praetorian Palace that will be the site of the Vicar . In 1360 the castle was attacked League led by the Marquis of Monferrato , fifteen years later it was the turn of Spelocri , a faction which had as its center the bitter antagonist of Vogogna , Domodossola , capital of Ossola.

Since the end of the eighteenth century the castle became municipal property and was used as a place of imprisonment is for political prisoners and for common criminals . In 1970 it was closed to the public , but to see the start of the renovation work must wait another twenty years . But it will take nearly three decades because the castle is opened to the public with the inauguration of the garden and outdoor courtyards . From 1998 to 2004 have been added new facilities within the complex : the inauguration took place on 4 June 2005.

The Visconti Castle of Vogogna : its complex

What strikes the visitor’s attention is the semicircular tower of five floors ( 19.40 m height ) . Historians speculate that it was embattled and that coverage had been made ​​at a later date than the rest of the structure was probably built in the fifteenth century . The tower later assumed the role of a prison and held until 1914. Inside you can still see the narrow cells and graffiti made by the prisoners : after the restoration of these areas are home to permanent exhibitions on the ground floor and the first floor traveling exhibitions , such as those of the central body . It is limited to the west by the semicircular tower and east than square . The rooms of the three -floor building of the building are each equipped with a fireplace : this would assume a residential use . The top floor is currently used as a dining information and to host conferences organized by the Multimedia Centre , located in the square tower instead . Inside was made a transparent structure of three levels: the first is reserved for consultation while in others they are produced and stored multimedia materials

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